Sand Volleyball Social 6s Rules

1. General League Rules and Information 

  • A team must have a minimum of 9 people on the roster (Less than 9 could result in placement of free agent on team!)
  • In case of severe weather, official word about cancellation will be emailed/texted between 4:00 pm & 5:00 pm
  • Teams must use the designated balls provided by OSSO

2. Pregame

  • At least 6 players must be present to begin a match (with a minimum of 2 male and 2 female), unless agreed upon by both captains. *Please notify the lifeguard if this is the case! 
    • If a team is short players during the regular season, substitutes are allowed as long as the team has the required minimum of 9 players registered and there are 3 rostered players present 
      • Substitute(s) must be registered in the current session
  • If a team is more than 8 minutes late, that team will forfeit the first game in the match. If a team is more than 15 minutes late, that team will forfeit the entire match
  • Captains or designated players of each team will rock/paper/scissors to decide which team serves first
  • All players must be wearing their designated OSSO team shirts/tank tops, or have them present during game time

3. Scoring and Match Rules

  • Each match will be the best of 3 sets
  • All games are self-reffed, and scores will be kept by the competing teams. Teams will report their scores to a lifeguard or lifeguard assistant
  • Rally scoring will be used. (A point is earned each time the ball touches the ground)
  • The first 2 sets will go to 21 and the 3rd set will go to 15, all must must be won by 2 
  • The scores for each set will be capped at 25, 25, 19

4. Game Play Rules

  • HAVE FUN!!!
  • Each team must have a minimum of 2 male and 2 female on the court at all times
    • If a team only has one female present during a regular season game, they may not play with more than 4 men on the court
  • No more than 3 hits before returning
  • When it’s 2 hits or less and over, any combination of players may hit the ball
    • In any 3 hit combination, at least 2 genders are required to be at least one of those touches or a point is awarded to the other team
  • Blocking or attacking the serve is not allowed
    • Attacking the serve is when, on the first contact from a serve, a player's feet leave the ground and they use one or two hands above their shoulders to hit the ball at a downward driven angle back over the net
  • Breaking the plane of the net is not allowed unless blocking
    • Breaking the plane of the net is interfering with the opponents second or third contact of the ball before the player has had the chance to touch/return the ball 
  • Lifts will be allowed unless deemed excessive
    • A lift is when the ball sits in your hands for too long, almost as if you caught it
    • Don’t catch it and throw it
  • A player may not touch the ball 2 consecutive times unless directly after an opposing team member blocked their original touch
    • A block does not count as a touch
  • If the ball touches the out of bounds line, it is considered in
  • When the ball is returned, it must stay between the ends of the net (antennas)
  • An incidental or minor touch of the net will not be called, unless deemed excessive 
  • Interfering with players under the net is not allowed. Landing under the net without interfering with another player is okay
  • Teams must rotate through each position
    • Teams will change servers after they have scored on an opponent’s serve
    • Teams will rotate their players in & out of the game in a set order
    • Each player must serve & get equal playing time by rotating through every position
    • Playing only front row or only back row is not allowed
  • Back row attacks are not allowed
    • A back row attack is when any back row player's feet leave the ground and they attack the ball with one or two hands at a driven angle while at the net or in front of their front row players past the 10 foot line
  • Throughout the course of the match should any disagreements regarding a play arise, teams will agree to replay the point


5. Playoffs

  • Each match will be the best of 3 sets 
    • The first 2 sets will go to 21 and the 3rd set will go to 15, all must be won by 2
    • There will be no cap
  • ONLY rostered players may play in playoffs. We are aware that EVERYONE thinks their team's roster situation deserves an exception just this one time. Don't do it. You will get caught, you'll forfeit, you'll be mad & it ruins the night for your team & your opponents.  Play your match for fun & may the best team of legally rostered players win the Championship.
  • Teams must have at least 6 players on the court at all times in the playoffs, with a minimum of 2 male and 2 female. Teams may play for fun, but the non-forfeiting team will move on in the playoffs


Any other league specific rules that were not addressed in the rules will be subject to League Manager’s “Spirit of the League” ruling and will be determined with fairness, player safety & fun in mind.